Moozii has an official partnership with the non-profit organization Flo Haven deepening the

brand’s commitment to women in developing countries. Moozii will provide sustainable period care products to economically disadvantaged girls and women in Nigeria, as it aims to support Flo Haven on its mission to eradicate period poverty across the country. The partnership is in line with Moozii’s core belief that sustainable products should be accessible to all.

“We believe sustainability should be inclusive and our partnership with Flo Haven solidifies our

core purpose,” said Tiffany Johnson, Moozii Founder & CEO. “No matter where you live, the

size of your bank account, or the color of your skin, we will continue to create access and

awareness to sustainable, high-performing quality products for you.”

About Flo Haven

Flo Haven is a Non-Profit Organization that is aimed at eradicating period poverty in Nigeria.With a goal to empower underprivileged women through provision of menstrual healtheducation and access to sustainable, eco-friendly period products, Flo Haven is part of thesolution towards eradicating period poverty worldwide.