Reusable Gold Safety Razor

$48.95 $65.00

Moozii Reusable Gold Safety Razor is an ultramodern take on the traditional open comb design that has remained a shaving staple since the early 1900s. It comes with one Safety Razor and 2 Reusable Blades.

  • The open comb head maximizes cutting power and decreases the likelihood of missed spots.
  • The ribbed handle grips your palm while shaving, giving users a superior hold and a more precise traditional wet shaving experience.
  • This razor fits safely and compactly in any toiletry bag thanks to its miniature size and built-in comb which protects the blade.

Ingredients: Made of Zinc alloy+brass handle
How to Use:
Before shaving, apply a warm, wet cloth to the face for 2-3 minutes to soften the hair. After applying shaving cream, hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and shave in the direction of the hair growth, starting with the sideburn area and saving the area around your mouth for last. Once finished, rinse your face and apply shaving balm.

  • A closer shave:That sharp blade is flush against your skin. So, be careful, but if you master the craft, you’ll never look back.
  • Less drag, less irritation:While other razors advertise 3-5 razors in a single cartridge, the safety razor stands strong at a single strong blade. This means there is less dragging across the face, less chance that your top layer of skin will come off with the hairs, and less bulk building up between blades, while being dragged across your opened pores. All that to say, a safety razor promises a safer, healthier shave when done correctly.
  • Better for coarse hair:If you have thick hair that just doesn’t budge under the lightness of a standard cartridge shave (or if the hairs are too thick and lead to dragging, clogging, and irritation), then a safety razor is the obvious fix. Plus, since you’ll replace the blade after each use, it’ll never give you a dull shave.
  • Cheap replacement blades:They’re maybe 10-25 cents each, when you buy in bulk. You’ll never hesitate to toss them after a single use, which means you only use the sharpest, cleanest blades every time.
  • You’re in charge:The shave requires more attention and precision, but it puts you in more control over the process. You have to think about each stroke, and the amount of pressure (ideally none) that you’re applying, plus the angle. Yes, it’s a process, but your skin shouldn’t be something you manage and manicure on autopilot. Take your time, make it a ceremony, and you’ll look forward to the safety-razor regimen every couple days.
Environmental Impact:
Over two billion plastic razors and cartridges are discarded annually in the U.S. alone – and almost all of those will head straight to our landfills or wind up in our oceans
Reduce the amount of single-use plastic on our planet – while getting your closest, irritation-free shave. With a sturdy handle made from solid brass and a single high-quality steel blade, this eco-friendly safety razor removes hair easily without tugging or pulling at the skin, which means less razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Plus, using a safety razor is more cost-effective than conventional razors over time – and both the blades and the handle are recyclable when they can't be used anymore! Invest in yourself, and the planet, and switch to a safety razor today.