Are Metal Razors Better For The Environment?

Are Metal Razors Better For The Environment?

Razors are an essential part of our everyday mundane routines. Some of us use plastic ones while some who are more inclined towards environmental sustainability might use metal razors/safety razors etc. But the question is, are metal razors really better for the environment?

To answer the above-mentioned question, yes metal razors are much more sustainable and offer the smoothest zero waste swap for those interested in effectively reducing their carbon footprint.

In this article, I have highlighted some of the unique features of these metal razors that make them environmentally friendly. 

The first and most important contributing factor is the durability of these razors. Any good-quality metal razor can last a lifetime or at least a very decent number of years. Unlike the disposable plastic razors that are conventionally used, these metal ones can easily be recycled. All you need to do is just replace the double-edged razor blades that come along with most metal razors and you can use it as many times as you please. 

This basically implies that buying a metal razor is a one-time purchase, which itself ticks off many environmental-oriented goals such as complying with zero-waste rules.

Moreover, since these razors are made of metal, even if they are trashed away, the metal can easily be recycled and will not contribute to pollution, unlike the plastic ones that may take up to 500 years to decompose. 


Hence, due to these facts metal razors really are better for the environment and make a much more sustainable alternative to the plastic ones.


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