10 Black-Owned Sustainable Beauty Brands

10 Black-Owned Sustainable Beauty Brands

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive industries, one that has many problems, one of which is the race issue. To help even the odds we bring you 10 black-owned sustainable beauty brands to get behind. Supporting the men and women that you need your support to achieve the heights they deserve!




Moozii is a one-woman show that is set to ensure environmental justice - while offering its customers some of the best products in the market. Understanding the impact of climate change and its impact on communities of color Moozii is set to share awareness and ensure an equal opportunity for all. Offering sustainable beauty, wellness, and feminine care products for everyday women - without breaking their bank or pushing their limited income.


Blade + Bloom

Blade + Bloom brings you an all-natural plant-based skincare range that covers balms, aromatherapy, products, and candles that are handmade in Chicago, USA. Their mission is to do good while offering you products that work best for your skin. Sacrificing ease to ensure eco-conscious living. All their products are packed using recyclables and reusable materials with a minimal design impact. Playing on scents the company is here to captivate your senses.



Mented Cosmetics

Inspired by a single want Mented Cosmetics is dedicated to bringing women of color the make they have been dreaming about. Focusing on a range of skin tones Mented brings you easy access to beauty products that highlight your natural color. Offering you everything from original nude lipsticks to blushed - every single product they offer is designed to match your skin tone.



KLUR is a clean, inclusive, and ethical beauty brand that concentrates on helping customers achieve skin wellness using personalized treatments. The brand focuses on using a simplistic usability approach that helps you achieve completely healthy skin. By prioritizing minimalist regimes the brand aids you in achieving several benefits and long-term results.



Golde started from a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn back in 2017 with a single product that allowed them the success they needed to expand their business. Since then the brand has grown in many ways offering superfood-based essentials that help you regain control over your skin. A single concept that allows them to offer a wellness plan that allows you to care for your skin without breaking the bank.


Godish Skin

Godish Skin came to life back in 2011, after Tova Palomino moved to LA with a single dream. Catering to women who are looking for an easy way to care for their skin. The company focuses on offering natural skincare that is based on extensive research and personal usage. A natural and organic product range that offers you relief from skin-related issues, while helping you work towards lasting results.


Oui The People

Oui The People is committed to changing the language of beauty all around the world. Rather than focusing on perfecting your skin, they offer customers thoughtful, and efficacious products that allow you to feel great about your skin.


Spiced Sugah

Spiced Sugah started their journey in the beauty business to bring women and men organic products that work for them. With a complete range, they aim to cover many skin products that cater to everything from skin to teeth. Working on achieving overall wellness using hand-picked and organic ingredients.



PiperWai focuses on personal hygiene products that are good for you and the environment. Using top-quality ingredients the company keeps an organic and natural touch - while creating sustainable personal care products that fulfill its promises and claims.



Jeln focuses on natural beauty and creating a positive image for you to enjoy. Working with a range of medicinal herbs the company focuses on rate skin conditions and common issues that can help you achieve the skin you have been craving. While preaching the importance of self-love and self-care.

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