Six Common Misconceptions About CBD

Six Common Misconceptions About CBD

CBD is one of the hottest choices out there, but even when the internet is filled with information - there are still many misconceptions about CBD. The two most common things you might know about CBD is that it comes from the cannabis plant and that it faces a legal issue. While that may be true, but there are many other misconceptions that you might know to be true! To help clear out the air we have listed down six common misconceptions about CBD.


Another form of Marijuana

While marijuana and CBD are both extracted from plants that come from the cannabis family. CBD is completely different from marijuana and is found in marijuana plants. Meaning, when CBD is extracted from the plant, it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is a psychoactive molecule that contains the agents that get you high. With a lower level of THC, you can easily avoid the brain fuzz, while enjoying all the benefits that come with its use.


CBD is a Miracle Drug

While CBD is known to offer you a wide range of health and skin-related benefits, it does not make it a miracle drug. There are case studies in which CBD is known to make a remarkable impact, but that does not mean everyone will get the exact same results. Moreover, CBD is not a cure for any disease or chronic conditions but it can help you treat symptoms.


The Quality of CBD Doesn’t Matter

You might have heard that the quality of CBD you use does not matter. However, that is not the case, where your CBD comes from makes a great difference - as it impacts the benefits it carries. This is why you should only purchase CBD from quality providers who take care of everything from growing, extracting, and shipping the products. Moozii CBD oil is a lab tested product that showcases great results.


CBD Should be Consumed in High Dosages

Playing on the logic that CBD offers you health benefits, and the more you take it the better you will be. We would like to introduce another logic, one that clearly states that too much of anything is bad for you. Keeping that in mind CBD should only be consumed as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor.


CBD is Addictive

One of the most common misconceptions about CBD is that it is an addictive substance. However, research has proved that CBD in any form or shape is not addictive. Moreover, it is commonly used as a replacement for pain medication. Allowing you to steer clear of side effects commonly associated with pain medication - without causing addiction. Making it the perfect replacement to ease a great deal of discomfort that ranges from your joints, muscles, to your mind.


CBD Transformed into THC When Consumed

The American Journal of Medicine published a story back in 2007 that it is impossible for CBD to convert into THC when it enters your system. While the research study was practiced in a controlled environment and cannot be assured on a large scale. This is why the misconception still lingers around to this date, while no such evidence has surfaced in favor of the misconception.


Looking to Get Started With CBD?

When looking to get started with CBD it's best to start with something small, which is why we are offering you Moozii CBD oil and bath soak - offering you endless benefits depending on the way you use the products! A great and easy way to get started with CBD and build up a CBD-infused life that makes everyday life easier.

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