5 women-owned cannabis brand

5 women-owned cannabis brand


Men are leading nearly every industry, and women are at the back as employees. In some areas of the world, women have made their space in the industry that is only run by men, which is the Cannabis industry. Women are running it successfully. Some of the famous women-owned brands are here.

Zula essentials

It is an internationally famous CBD wellness brand for women whose priority is self-care and wellness. This brand's vision and mission to assist women in leading a pleasant and happy life using the CBD. Carla is the founder of Zula Essential, and she is passionate about her work. She always prefers to provide high-quality products to all its customers. In Carla’s professional and personal life, she has met several women who struggle against mental issues like stress, depression, and others. Therefore, she learned the significance of mental health; she started selling CBD products to save women from having a traumatic life.


Here, another lady comes forward to serve women. Tiffany Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Moozii. It is a Feminine beauty, wellness, and care brand that always focuses on offering high-quality CBD products for ladies. She established her business with a broad vision. She still follows some rules to improve business productivity, and these are innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, she is hyper-focused on meeting customer’s requirements. Her prime concern is to embrace the health and environmental benefits of sustainable practices. In this way, she has raised her products' standards and makes their access easy for women.


Know about one more woman who believes in serving women through Beauty and wellness brand named Dazey. Yes, the founder of this brand believes in the power of hemp in a woman’s life. Therefore, she pays attention to provide high-quality products to all her customers. The full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the USDA certified organic hemp. It comes without additives as well, as it is 3rd party tested product.

Refine pharmaceuticals

This woman-owned brand is famous for high-quality CBD products. You can get information about the products on their blogs and website. The purpose of the CEO is to guide her clients on how to heal using medicinal hemp. As per the CEO and founder of the brand, women need to learn how to use these products to achieve lifelong success. At Refine Pharmaceuticals, she works hard to help women get maximum benefits by using these medicinal CBD products.

Rose Bud

Alexis Rosenbaum is the founder and CEO of the brand, and she has started this business by understanding the worth of natural ways to get rid of stress and tension. It is a significant part of every woman’s life. As per Rose Bud’s CEO, women should enjoy all pleasures of life and leave stress behind. She had tried CBD products to get out of stress, and now she is making it possible to make other women happy with it.




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