Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Meet the founder who is hyper-focused on creating sustainable Feminine care, Wellness and Beauty products for women of color.

Tiffany Johnson started Moozii during the pandemic after she became aware that many black women were not aware of sustainable period care products. Moozii is a Feminine care, Wellness and Beauty brand that is hyper-focused on creating access and awareness to sustainable, high-performing quality products. Moozii offers products ranging from 100% Medical Grade Menstrual cups, Organic Reusable Pads and CBD Wellness and Beauty products. Moozii is set to launch October 1st, 2020. Follow Moozii on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to their email list

What inspired you to create Moozii?

I created Moozii because I was underwhelmed with the lack of access and awareness of sustainable and safe Feminine care & Wellness products for Women of color. Prior to creating Moozii, I was a frequent tampon user who decided to make the swap to Menstrual cups. It was a game changer! But I noticed that a lot of my black girlfriends were not aware of this sustainable and money saving product. That lead me to create a space/brand where women of color can see women like themselves choosing more sustainable and safer Feminine care and Wellness products. For me it was all about representation and the health and wellbeing of All women. Especially those who looked like me because they are at a disadvantage.

What excites you most about launching Moozii?

Along with a few of my friends, I’ve been testing Moozii products for months and it’s been a game changer for all of us. I’m really excited to see how Moozii will change the lives of so many women around the US. Moozii is not only safe for our bodies, it’s also safe for our environment.

What makes Moozii standout from other brands on the Market?

Moozii is hyper-focused on creating access and awareness for All women. No matter how they look or where they are from. When I look at brands with similar products, their stories and images just don’t speak “Representation” and many women who look like me are not aware of them or the purpose of their products. Mozzii will change that. We’re all about representation and ensuring every woman has equal access and awareness to products that are safe and sustainable.

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

It has propelled the making of Moozii. I spent 4 hrs. a day commuting to work, and since the pandemic I’ve been working from home. This allowed me to reinvest 4 hrs. into building my business since I no longer needed to commute.

What advice do you have for women?

Let go of anything that does not edify you mentally, physically or spiritually. That includes toxic Feminine care, Wellness and Beauty Products.

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